In order to support the creation and ongoing improvement of resilient digital services and digital experiences, IOT West Africa Conference & Exhibition presents Data Center Live, focusing on the emerging digital and Cloud infrastructure ecosystem, which is increasingly built on a cloud foundation, is focused on ensuring ever-faster delivery of innovative infrastructure hardware, software, resource abstraction, and process technologies. Nigeria itself has a total of 11 colocation data centers and a total of 91 in all of Africa. In this event, we plan on addressing the challenges and opportunities of growth for the Data Centers in Africa.

At the conference, we will focus on Advancing Data Center Critical Infrastructures, Future Proofing your Data Centers, Data Centre Workforce, Green Technologies, and many more topics of discussion.

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Data Centers Live Africa is not just an event, it's a movement shaping the future of data management. Explore how you can actively contribute to the conversation, influence industry trends, and leave an enduring impact.